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My portfolio is often lacking in animals other than horses and birds :-D Princess is a feral cat who adopted my parents over the winter. They have taken to feeding stray cats in their neighbourhood and slowly over the months, Princess has gained their trust. Dad can pick her up now and she plays with him so happily! She's also a mouser though, and they can't enjoy squirrels and birds in their yard anymore! She will come into the house for a little bit, but would likely panic if the door was shut on her. She's a beautiful smoky calico.


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Lynn De Serres 08 Jul 2011

Precious indeed.

Artist Reply: Thanks for taking a moment to comment Lynn. I have never seen a cat with her kind of colouring before!

mike park 07 Jul 2011

great picture and wonderful story of an amazingly beautiful cat. i dont think ive ever seen a cat with such a unique coloring mixture and pattern

Artist Reply: Yes, her colours are just amazing! She has four little mittens btw.

M Smith 07 Jul 2011

Princess has such a unique & beautiful color pattern! Wonderful that she now trusts your parents enough to share the love!

Artist Reply: Thank you :-) I am hoping that she will trust them more by winter time and she can be an indoor cat where it is warm and safe.

lillianhibiscus 07 Jul 2011

Beautiful girl!