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His innovatif use of mixed media and the effect ofageing that he creates adds a unique quality to his works. In this serie of paintings, Anuar evokes the notalgic memories of the old way of life in the kampung. One glance at Anuar’s works and one is transporte before traditional Malay house. ries for many.”We have no time to go inside the house to see these things, so I have brought them out to the front to the house.”Hence, you are able to see what is contain inside the house is an instant, adds this artist who hail from Taiping, Perak.Anuar,s research conducted in museums, reading from book and personal experience in kampung houses have enable him to depict them with much precision. His close attention to detail is also evident from his intricate drawings of Malay architecture. Says Anuar “This is to portray the support skill and hight discipline of the older generation when creating such exquisite crafs without the benefit of modern day technology”


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Carl Schraefel 17 Aug 2004

an interesting blend of imagers and your expertise in color,shape and form are superb

Geoffrey Chew 19 Jul 2004

This is great...a captivating mix of familiar and unusual..and your colors really sit well together

Thom Roslan 19 Jul 2004

Like It!.....Like It Alot!!.....Great Collage!!!

sher richardson 18 Jul 2004

..another beautiful composition Anuar... amazing prosess with such magical results... the yellows celebrate and the darks hold the eye.. always nice to see what you create.. : )

Marie WingerMeyer 18 Jul 2004

I like the archival feel of this one, the repeated shapes and patterns. The colors draw it together, but I also see an overall graying of the surface I am not sure where it originates. The perspective of the building on the left is a wonderful addition.