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Hilo 27g

Image captured with: Nikon CP4500 - Image fiddled with: Adobe Photoshop

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Nelly Martinez-Solis 22 Jul 2004

nice colors

tazda lawson 22 Jul 2004

insanely beautiful, detail perfect, and fantastic.

Lenny Hall-Digital Impro 19 Jul 2004

Like in some offbeat,underground sci-fi movie the three multi-colored beings from the planet Flipflop were hypnotized by the Treexture 5.It was understood on their planet the really meaning was hidden from the casual observer.It took special training which they had to decode the real meaning so they could save their planet.Then before they knew it a vapor shot out from what looked like a flower and they passed out.When they awoke they found that they were no longer multi-color but only one color which was the same color as the flower.They looked at the image for decades waiting for another sign but it never came.They just sat and examined ever inch of Treexture 5.

Artist Reply: Best. Comment. Ever.

joan warburton 19 Jul 2004

Very interesting and very different.

Marie WingerMeyer 18 Jul 2004

Your textures, mirroring?, subject - it is beautiful, natural and delicate. My personal reaction is as if it holding the memory of something undescribable..., ancient and knowing.