Venom: Damned Nightmare

Part of The Collaborators Series that I'm creating with various artistic friends. The great thing about artists is that our styles and strengths are so diverse. This diversity allows us to play off of one another's artistic strengths and create more powerful pieces. Hopefully my Collaborators series will showcase how we can use diversity to achieve unity. The following piece (Venom:TDN II) is a collab between myself (colors and effects), spiderman1208 (line art) and bg assisted render compliments of Tirzah. liquidd primary medium: corel photopaint spiderman1208 primary medium: pencil credit info: You can find spiderman1208's original render (which is entitled "Venom: The Damned Nightmare") here: [ link ] tirzah primary medium: (sh!t! I forgot to ask her what she used) Whatever it was you can view the original version here: [link] Venom copyright Marvel Entertainment Group. Illustration copyright Liquidd, spidersman1208, and tirzah.

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Eric Ray 04 Feb 2005

I think that Kenan Canales put it best. I'm just awestruck.

Kenan Canales 25 Dec 2004

wow....speechless..can i get a copy? I love it

james dunn 10 Nov 2004

Nice! Great balance betwwen choas & calm!

Lee Phung 07 Jul 2004

There is alot great art work in your portfolio..I like this one the best!!!

Hilton Harris 07 Jul 2004

Very cool. Excellent piece.