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Nature goes its own way.

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yves colas 09 Oct 2014

magnificient artwork,perfect in every ways.great painting.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Yves!

Bruce Combs 04 Dec 2013

Oh, Anneke! I didn't ever know about this one! Incredible, and appropriate background, and the total white front half! What daringness at all the composition, the shocking contrasts, such stark few colors, oh, but the feathers on the bird. Nature is so hard for us to take, those who actually rarely view the need for food -- we humans don't see what we allow to be killed, and how, and on the big farms often a barely living death no matter what species if humans enjoy eating it, what does the suffering and killing matter. And yet, there is such stark, indescribably beauty here. You, Anneke, I think even more than always in all your other life views, here shout most vehemently why WE NEED MORE THAN WORDS for the most crucial aspects of all life, all living. Painting, and the arts I don't know much but react to some, every one of them, I am sure is crucial to expressing AND to ingesting life. Thank you most humbly. Peace, etc., Bruce

Artist Reply: Dear Bruce, thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You have written the perfect description to this painting! Nature is not cruel, only humans are far away from nature and think they can rule over life.

Filippo Schillaci 09 Mar 2013

Shine all your paintings, fresh and cheerful. compliments