Galveston, TX Port Towers for BP Oil Spill

The four metal open work towers you see here were built to try to stop the BP oil spill into the Gulf. They did not work and landed here. I hope that you enjoy!

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Caballero Salguero 10 Dec 2010

Excellent photograph my dear Sharon,twice we were in Galveston, I was impressed by his oil refinery, and more shrimp trays...Wonderful José

Bernhard Mueller 01 Dec 2010

Regardless what happened there, your photo is amazing. I love photos of technical objects in general, they are antiquaric items for the future.

Aqua1955 30 Nov 2010

It is always amazing, even on board these drilling islands. It's a world on its own


Wow,amazing captures,my Dear Friend!!!Great camera work!!!

Calvin McFarlane 23 Nov 2010

Glenn Cambell singing "Galveston, Galveston" just now went through my mind