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Przewalski's Wild Horse

Przewalski's Wild Horse (Equus ferrus przewalski). An endangered wild horse. Status: endangered. Range: formerly much of Europe and parts of Asia. Extinct in the wild since the 1960s. Taken at The Wilds, the largest conservation center in North America, near Cambridge, OH USA - 2010. Canon Rebel XT. Copyright: Photographer Laurel Talabere

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Vincent von Frese 04 Dec 2010

The "Pre" horse is the one depicted on the cave walls in France by early man a few thousand years ago. I kept one when I was an animal researcher at the Topeka, Zoo in the early 1970's. This horse has a different gene count than the modern horse most people are familiar with. This species is the only true wild horse and a living fossil of the pre-historic era.

Martina Thompson 16 Oct 2010

Excellent capture!

Sharon Gonzalez 16 Oct 2010


Emily Reed 16 Oct 2010

Elegant art!!!!