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Today our sweet AW friend Stefani is celebrating her Birthday. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, dear Stefani! Have a beautiful day together with your family and friends!


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Ron Bedsole 28 Apr 2018

you are an amazing artist!

Artist Reply: Dear Ron, thnak you very much for all your beautiful comments!

Pamela Rivera 09 Jan 2014

what a fabulous friendship:)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Pamela!

yves colas 27 Aug 2013

a mervelous artwork,and a great thought for stephani!!most than beautifull...

Artist Reply: It's Stef's sweet grandson and dog.:) Thank you for the marvelous comment, Yves! Have a great day!

Joan Stohlman 16 Aug 2013

That is just adorable.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Joan!

Dawson - Lynn James 16 Aug 2013

Fantastic work Anneke! It beautifully captures the sweetness of the moment!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment!

Kate Gallagher 16 Aug 2013

Marvelous work Anneke, so precious!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Kate!

Joanie Holliday 22 Feb 2012

I hadn't seen this one Anneke.. So CUTE.. What a great job and I love the moment of the scene.. Doggies eyes look like he really wants that kiss... And bless his heart.. he deserves it I'm sure.. Joanie

Artist Reply: What a lovely comment, Joanie! Thank you so much! I think I could watch a child with his pet all day, it's so beautiful!

Linda Hammar-Del Favero 11 Nov 2011

This painting is very engaging with the eye contact and expression on the dog's face. It just draws you in with warm emotion and affection.

Artist Reply: Linda, thank you so much for this wonderful comment!! :)

Maria Karalyos 07 Nov 2011

Very pretty! I like it so much !

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Maria! :D

Marika Seprenyi (Antal) 30 Oct 2011

I must agree with Paul,also with Beverly! congrast!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Marika!

Patricia Cowan 09 Oct 2011

Very sweet...just did an excellent job with composition and color. I see much joy and love in this painting. What medium did you use?

Artist Reply: I used acrylics and probably pencils, I don't remember.:) Great to hear that you like it, thank you very much, Patricia!

Beverly Farrington 03 Oct 2011

Ooooh my this is priceless! Absolutely love it.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, thanks Beverly!

Tiffany Stackpole 28 Sep 2011

Awe this is the Cutest painting ever! :)

Artist Reply: Thank you for your beautiful comment, Tiffany!

M Smith 12 May 2011

Beautifully touching moment!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot! :)

Michael Durst 28 Mar 2011

Such a sweet painting.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Michael!

Laura Mota 22 Jan 2011

I Anneke, your works are simply amazing, i love the theme and composition of this one! Congratulations

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your kind comments, Laura!

Rob Keller 14 Dec 2010

How wonderful, prachtig Anneke!!!

Artist Reply: Bedankt voor je mooie comment, Rob! Hele prettige Kerstdagen toegewenst! :)

Brandy Reynolds 27 Nov 2010

There is just something amazing about animals and kids! You really showed the innoscense of both! Great job!!!!

Artist Reply: It's nothing compared to your sweet animals, Brandy! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!:)

Ingrid Stiehler 23 Nov 2010

Hi Anneke, thanks a lot for your kind comment - I'm really happy about it, because I did this work many years ago, for my two children :-)... Your artworks are so full of atmosphere and shows your love to children and animals - very interesting and well done... Many Greetings from Germany, Ingrid

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your sweet comment, Ingrid! :)

Eva Britt 18 Nov 2010

Fantastic painting Anneke.... So very cute. A wonderful birthday tribute for Stefani

Artist Reply: I'm so glad you like it! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment, Eva!

Joan Wulff 24 Oct 2010

Adorable. nicely done!

Artist Reply: Hi Joan, thanks a lot! :)

surekha rao 19 Oct 2010

I cannot stop thinking ... what a great artist you are Anneke! Truly admirable and adorable work!

Artist Reply: Dear Surekha, thank you for the lovely comment, I can say the same to you.:)

Tabitha Borges 19 Oct 2010

lol what a touching moment

Artist Reply: Thank you, Tabitha!

Julie Mayser 10 Oct 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Julie! :)

Teresa Dominici 05 Oct 2010

Anneke, Great, well done!!!! Happy belated birthday Stefani.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind comment, Teresa!

Ginger Lovellette 03 Oct 2010

Awwwww! Love it. Wonderful work!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Ginger!

Shakeh Sarookhanian 03 Oct 2010

Adorable painting Anneke ,lovely and very nice.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Shakeh!

Steve Farr 03 Oct 2010

Anneke, this is such charming imagery!! I adore this!!~S

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Steve! Have a great weekend! :)

Caballero Salguero 30 Sep 2010

Thanks so much my dear friend Anneke, this painting is impressive, marvelous faces, he says of his art so phenomenal, lovely child and kind dog,wonderful, Pepe

Artist Reply: You are very kind in your comment, Pepe. I'm glad you like it, thank you so much! Have a great weekend with your family and friends!

John Cappello 26 Sep 2010

WHAT A NICE PIECE! Nice perspective and Adorable.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the wonderful comment on my work, John!

Sigridur Bachmann 26 Sep 2010

Wow ! I know Stefanie will adore this beautiful and touching art of work ! Very delightful and delicate ! BREATHTAKING !

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the sweet words, Sigga! :)

athala bruckner 25 Sep 2010

beautiful painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Athala! :D

Connie Sonnenberg 25 Sep 2010

Such a lovely painting :-)

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Connie!

Bev Chudey 25 Sep 2010

This is so sweet and adorable Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Bev, many thanks for the kind comment! :)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 25 Sep 2010

adorable and beautiful work Anneke!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Nelly!

Bruce Combs 24 Sep 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEFANI! And what a wondrous tribute! Anneke just gets better and better! And I think this is the best of all her previous excellent paintings. What a lovely child, his love equaled by the bigger. Am I dreaming? Anneke’s paintings, almost magically, often do that to -- no! FOR me. And so is it this time! Surely I am not the only mesmerized viewer. Isn’t the lovely dog proudly feeling a parental kind of love and, thus, that special role of wisdom and teacher by appropriate conduct in comradeship, as well as a being a gentle protector? How easy it is to identify with both of them and their respective roles in this beautiful relationship. Isn’t being in both roles a dreamy role of each of us? To have such a faithful companion and protector from loneliness and other unhappy emotions as well as performing that role ourselves. And I think (obviously speaking from my own experience and wishes) that it may well be a major feature of our special, human-like relationship we grown-ups often feel with our pets. What a wonderful birthday gift for Stefani! Anneke has such a great and growing ability to depict in her art -- to remind us of -- such situations of emotion so commonly human that we may take them for granted and forget to be grateful for such beauty in life, in our own lives. And doesn’t this particular painting create that reminder for viewers. Doing so it also reminds me of the great American artist, Norman Rockwell, only recently becoming recognized by art critics for his marvelous artistic skills and important contribution to museum-class Art! What a great success Mr. Rockwell achieved! A renowned critic of art may describe it as “accomplished EVEN THOUGH he was also highly appreciated for creating covers of a VERY POPULAR magazine that was enjoyed weekly by most everybody.” And, I believe, so do many of Anneke’s paintings show that ability. AND what’s more, many of them, as this one for Stefani, are unique, self-giving honors. Congratulations, Stefani, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Peace, etc., Bruce

Artist Reply: What a wonderful review you have written, Bruce! So true, what you say about the mutual love and care! Children and pets are really beautiful subjects to paint, they are both moving viewer and painter. I remember I read a book when I was a child, it was called The little Lord 'something', I don't remember the name and hardly the story. But I do remember there was a picture of a little boy with a huge dog and they both loved each other very much. Isn't it remarkable how things settle in one's mind? I was thinking of it while painting. I wonder if Rockwell created the cover of the book (maybe Google can help):)) I'm a real fan of his work, he is the greatest in that style! I'm a true fan of your comments too, my friend! Thank you so much!! :D

Seth Weaver 24 Sep 2010

Charming and beautiful gift for a wonderful lady and artist!

Artist Reply: Seth, I do totally agree with you about our sweet friend! Thank you for stopping by and your nice words!

Shahram S. Nahavandi 24 Sep 2010

Beautiful...! Its hard to hide it when you're good dear Anneke...! Shahram

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Shahram! Thank you very much! :)

Claude Roy 24 Sep 2010

A wonderful gift expressive and alive.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the visit to my gallery and the kind words, Claude!


Wow,love the mood in this Brillliant composition!!! BEAUTIFUL and Precious!!!GRAND Birthday gift!!!Happy Birthday,Stefani!!!David &I wish you Life's Very Best Always!!!((((Hugs)))):):)

Artist Reply: I second your beautiful Birthday wish, Dee and David! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

lillianhibiscus 24 Sep 2010

Sweet, wonderful card for Stefani. Happy Birthday Stefani.

Artist Reply: Hi Lillian, thank you for your kind words and signing my card for Stefani!

Wendy Law 24 Sep 2010

what a beautiful painting Anneke - you can just feel the love

Artist Reply: Wendy, I appreciate your beautiful comment greatly! Thank you very much! :)

marisa reilly 24 Sep 2010

beautifully painted. I really like the brushwork on the dog !

Artist Reply: Thank you for the compliments, Marisa!

Nira Dabush 24 Sep 2010

Most adorable artwork, dedicated for Stefi.. BRAVO, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Nira!

Ai Shan 24 Sep 2010

Beautiful painting, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hartelijk bedankt, AiShan!

Sandra McClure 24 Sep 2010

Adorable Anneke.... Very sweet work and a nice wish for Stefani

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Sandra!

Joanna Jungjohann 24 Sep 2010

so sweet Anneke, and such beautiful work.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Jo!! :)

Izabella Pavlushko 24 Sep 2010

wonderful gift for Stefani and beautifully done painting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Izabella!

Sharon Gonzalez 24 Sep 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Sharon! :)

Lorna Skeie 24 Sep 2010

What a sweet painting! Very well done.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind comment, Lorna!

Gina Cowins 24 Sep 2010

Hello Ann, this is a beautiful painting. I like the colors and tones that makes it look so charming.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Gina!

Maria Anna Machado 24 Sep 2010

marvelous gift...

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Maria! :)

Stefani Wehner 24 Sep 2010

I am missing words, Anneke........... what a surprise ......MILLION THANKS, DANKESCHOEN, MERCI BEAUCOUP for this wonderful painting of my 2 darlings.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the sweet words, Stefani. And also for the wonderful picture that you made for me, I'm really happy with it!:) I hope all your wishes will come true on this special day.

Emily Reed 24 Sep 2010

What a sweet painting for a happy birthday greeting!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the lovely comment, Emily!

ruth sears 24 Sep 2010

yes all the best Stefani and Anneke,this is beautifully done!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Ruth!

jerry carlin 24 Sep 2010

Beautiful card, Anneke, and Happy Birthday, Stef, from Oregon!

Artist Reply: Hi Jerry, how are you? Thank you so much for stopping by and the beautiful comment! :)

Olga van Dijk 24 Sep 2010

OH ANNEKE... zo mooi! ---Bon Anniversaire mon amie Stephanie! (and that rhymes!!) --- Bisous, Love and Light, MOI ---and by the way this is my POD!

Artist Reply: Olga, you are really sweet, thank you so much for your wonderful gesture and words!! :D