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Artist: Loyd Hampson
Uploaded: 08/11/10
Gallery: Art/Drawing Misc.
Subject: Landscape/Outdoor
Media: Photograph

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by Loyd Hampson
by Loyd Hampson
by Loyd Hampson
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Mirror Reflection
(Image 14 of 1054) Copyright © Loyd Hampson

This was taken at Little Pine Lake in Waterville Pa on a perfectly still day. I took this one solely because of the reflection of the fall colors in the water and the house reflecting on the lake as well
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Mirror image of Little Pine Lake in Pa on a perfectly calm day (Item# 240296 $ 45.00 
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  05:48 PM  
Anna Marie Fritz
  Talk about "calendar" beautiful...!!! I will take time tomorrow to view more of Your spectacular photography!!!
  Artist Reply:   Anna Marie, thank you ever so much for the awesome comment, it is truly appreciated always. This was taken in Pennsylvania in the fall on Little Pine Lake. One of those moments when you happen to be in the right place at exactly the right time as I have never seen the surface of this lake this calm again. I guess it's sort of one of those once in a lifetime shots that you get now and again. I am glad you liked this one.
  07:09 PM  
John Cappello
  Truly beautiful colors of the sky and water. And wonderful intricate details
  Artist Reply:   john, thank you so much for the excellent comment, it is greatly appreciated always. One of my fall photos from when I lived in the Pennsylvania mountains, which I sort of miss, but don't miss the winters there and deep snows. This is one of those shots that you only get one chance at it so had better make it good when you can. Most of the time this lake is never this still.
  09:24 PM  
Elizabeth Lindberg
  This is so beautiful, it almost stops the heart. God can sure paint pretty. Nice shot!
  02:16 PM  
shenur masters
  10:09 PM  
Basant Soni
  Adorable from all angles ...Glorious beauty of nature fav.
  Artist Reply:   Basant, thank you so much for the excellent comment on this one and for stopping by to view it. Taken in the fall and one of those once in a lifetime shots it seems when the lake is this calm, looking like a mirror. Love to shoot outdoors as much as I can and as often as I can and love to capture the beauty of nature. So glad you liked this one. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  08:32 PM  
Maggie Ullmann
  Gorgeous capture Loyd awesome reflection
  Artist Reply:   Maggie, thank you so very much for the excellent comment on this one and for stopping by to view it. One of the lakes I used to frequent when I lived in northern Pennsylvania. I happened to catch this on a perfectly calm day, something unusual for that area and really loved the fall colors along the lake. I am glad you liked this one, it is truly appreciated. good to meet you on AW.

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