a drawing of one of my favorite characters from my favorite TV show. copyright asiavou enterprises


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Jun 2005

Wow! this one is really good! I don't think it was here the last time i checked!

abby fox 23 May 2005


shelby fisher 07 Nov 2004

Alias is my favorite show too! And this looks just like Marshal, I must say, he is one of my favorite charaters too.!

joel zelikovitz 05 Oct 2004

great work Here. Keep at it. You will be a pro one day.

Sarah Ramano 03 Oct 2004

lol I LOVE Alias. Marshall is hilarious.

Pat Goff 15 Sep 2004

Great detail and pencil work.

tim linville 30 Aug 2004

I think you could draw anyone you want,even Peter Parker!

Sara Deutsch 30 Jul 2004

Captured his personality and great detail...Thanks for your comments.

Peter, Mr. Sunflower 30 Jul 2004

I agree 100 % with craig moline.Great work indeed.

Jassy Konopacki 30 Jul 2004

this is very good, great shading. thanks for the comment

craig moline 05 Jul 2004

Your very talented for only 15. Great work!

Saba does it realy matter 23 Jun 2004

wow thats realy good it looks so real

Keith Gardner 17 Jun 2004

you pencil people are amazing

sher richardson 17 Jun 2004

asia... so kind and you made me smile... yes all moms looked like that drawing in better days, but all moms are just as beautiful inside still : ) i see so much in your pencilwork here... lovely style, and keep at it and in no time youll be an expert... : )

Edward Fairburn 15 Jun 2004

Excellent - the expression has been caught well. Keep up the good work.