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Night and day versions of DRYAD.


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Marcus Matthew 18 Nov 2014

Very nice

Heloisa Castro 13 Apr 2014

Amazing work!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 21 Sep 2013

Fascinating images!! Wonderful!!

Maurizio Miele 02 Jan 2013


John Cappello 07 Nov 2012

Another Very serene,beauty. Wonderful use of colors with looseness and fluidity

kevin ong'any 29 Oct 2012

you're a brilliant innovative piece, this is..

Stephen Donoho 08 Sep 2012

Now Sare you are startuing to make me a little jealious. So what I need tyou to do is dile it back some you know [ SELL OUT ] AND DISCONTINU CREATING ART IMAGE THET ARE ON THE LEVEL OF [ FINE ART ] and just create images that are ment fo a lable for a can of beens,,, ok Sorry about the caps Stephen Donoho

Helmut Licht 12 Jul 2012


Carol Carron 30 Apr 2012


Aqua1955 18 Feb 2012

Some magic fills the eye with joy...

debi day 08 Dec 2010


scrib nik 09 Feb 2010

Absolutely love this one!


Absolutely amazing . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

Sandra McClure 14 Nov 2009

Wonderful composition and mood I always love your of the best

Anna Marie Fritz 13 Nov 2009

I love them both!!! You are a uniquely talented artist, Sara.

Roz Eve 03 Nov 2009

I love the high contrast in the top one. It really creates drama.

ruth sears 03 Nov 2009

both stunning!

Emily Reed 03 Nov 2009

Just excellent, eloquent!

Calvin McFarlane 03 Nov 2009

whether day or night, darkness or light, beauty shrouds this wonderful sight.

Joe Janicki 02 Nov 2009

You really hit the mark with both of these in my opinion. Great work... very inspiring!

Maria Anna Machado 02 Nov 2009


steve kearney 02 Nov 2009

Nice intricate silhouette effect--like Tiffany!