media: ball point pen / color pencil__________In this piece the word chalice refers to both the woman's face hidden in profile and also the many vases present. The spherical candle and tripod bowl share spaces as sound holes for guitars, the latter a bit more obvious with it's neck extending up as the left edge of the window frame. The body of the other guitar is partially outlined by the main vase and the curve of the table and chair. It's neck is suggested in the negative space between the chair and the edge where the two main walls meet.


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Olga Belyaeva 22 Sep 2010

very very beautiful piece of art :)

Shqipe H 08 Nov 2009

So creative

Claude J Morrissette 20 Oct 2009


Maria Anna Machado 20 Oct 2009


lillianhibiscus 19 Oct 2009

Lovely work.