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Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, 2009, 8.5" x 11," acrylic on paper,abstract, pallete limited,red,pink,white,silver,red background,magenta, bright, shining, simple, minimal, cheerful, upbeat,happy, astrology, bruce combs,combs


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Anne Whiteway 12 Jul 2014

This is amazing. It's a cat, no, its a harp, no, its an whiel dancing around a figure of a man, no, it is more than that. This is beautiful and the colors are lovely as well as the textures. The pleasure of viewing your abstract works lies in you outstanding ablilities and the idea of knowing I can interpret it in any way that I feel. "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes "is a great title. That being the title of a song, now reminds me of the lyrics of that song....So much to dream about. Love this..

artistinthecountry 20 Sep 2009

great colors...lee

Maria Anna Machado 20 Sep 2009


Artist Reply: A cart-load of thanks, Maria! Peace, etc., Bruce

Sharon Gonzalez 20 Sep 2009


Artist Reply: Ah, fried, Sharon, you are always here with such encourging words. Please, anyone who noticed that I inexcusably and embarrassingly originally typed another artist's name at the beginning of this comment Thank you again, Sharon! I can only humbly offer you the above correction, and tell you that the comment-reply that I have repeated above was, indeed, originally meant for you. I had just typed one to the other person -- no excuse, but a feeble explanation. Let me add here that I DO appreciate very much your many complimentary and greatly encouraging comments on my paintings. If I often don't reply to you very much, I want you to notice that I don't to other people either. Again, no excuse but an explanation: my impoliteness results from health challenges -- hell, I'm 70 years old! -- I have limited time and energy, and I follow my inclination to work on my own art first instead of complimenting other people's art or thanking them for their comments on mine. Finally, I want to say that I very much appreciate your pointing out to me my stupid mistake (as I try to explain above, not really like confusing two -- or more! -- girlfriends!) without expressing anger, disgust, or some other negative or insulting remark (that I most people would probably feel that I deserved!) so that I would be aware of my mistaked and could offer my apology. Peace, etc., Bruce

Beatrix Jahn 20 Sep 2009

Oh my Bruce...this does "sparkle" with the colors! Great title for the painting, and well done my friend! xox

Artist Reply: Thankyou so much for the words of appreciation, my dear friend. I'm way behind in Comments and Replies. Peace, etc., Bruce