Schlafe, mein Engel...

The title means "Sleep my angel" and is taken out of Luca-Seraphin's book "Interpendenz", so are the characters, including the dragons. (Luca-Seraphin allowed me to show this image on art galleries.) It shows Luca (the black-haired man) and Aycolén (the lying one who actually has silver hair), as well as Goldy and Tambren, their dragon companions. Unfortunately there's a tiny mistake in it, Luca should be a human not an elf... The picture itself is 42x29.5cm and inked with several pens and fineliners. It took me a while to do it, for I had to read the book and do additional research in order to complete it. I also did a fun pic after finishing this one: As always, I'd be glad about comments :)


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Paata Konashvili 07 May 2004

Cool drawing!

Gareth Evans 30 Apr 2004

This is beautiful, clean linework -- I especially like the flowers. Nicely composed and well put together. A few years ago I'd have airbrushed it manually, but these days I think I'd go with Photoshop - undo button is nice :)

Heavens 15 Apr 2004

Good job for pen...could use some color would make it great!

Peter Kripgans 15 Apr 2004

really good drawing Conny