Healing Rain

Healing Rain Life Series ~ Restoration As I grappled with how to show the resurrection power of God as it touches us in our daily lives, I envisioned this scene.  I carried my canvas to church for three weeks, waiting for the right time to paint the picture I had in my heart.  At week two, I drew the outline of the skyline and carried my canvas home. I entered the church and heard our Associate Pastor playing a song I had never heard before – Healing Rain.  I asked him if he was practicing it for the evenings service and he said yes – I said, “I have the painting for it and I have been carrying it in and our of our church building for three weeks.”  I finished the painting that evening as he sang, and I wept, and I received what is here for all of us – Healing Rain. I believe that God wants to pour down His healing rain upon our hearts, in our homes.  Whether we are a home of one resident or many, there is a need for His healing rain to touch our lives, our physical frame, our Spirit and our Soul. Copyright - Patricia Lynn Bowman Kingsley


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Julian Baslyk 14 Aug 2009

Healing will come, good spirit you have!! and it shows in your artwork!

Claire Wilson 27 May 2009