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Flowers on vine

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT The FAIRY Realm COLLECTION: I love all elemental creatures in this universe. Since a child I have always had a strong bond with the Fairy Folk and their Magical Realm. Around the age of four is when I first began to speak with them. I had seen them before but there was no verbal conversations, only giggles and silly child like games. When I was alone outside I would begin to hear their voices and see little bright flashes of light whoosh back and fourth and around and about. It was at this time I made a promise to them to do no harm in their realm. I was asked to be a messenger between their world and ours. When the promise and agreement was made I gifted with their sight. This allowed me to fully see their world but I could still walk in ours as well. They are here, all around us. Many times you look right past them becasue they have cloaked their homes, gardens and cities for protection and out of fear. The fairy realm has begun to grow week from negative thoughts, pollution, greed and unconscious actions. The time for me to do more than listen and learn in their realm has come. I have been instructed for the past couple of years to share their messages. I do this in many forms, one of them being the oracle messages from fairies I post on this very blog. All the organic gardening and sustainable living my immediate family has done has been for the planet as a whole but it was requested originally by the fairy folk themselves. The fairies have come to many with their messages. They have been the care takers of Mother Earth for thousands of years. Recently the fairies have allowed me to draw some of the beauty that thrives in their realm. As we are facing extinction of many of our plants and wildlife so does the fairy realm. They would like to show those of you that can not yet see the realm what beauty it beholds. This is a reminder of what will be lost in all dimensions if we continue to allow the pollution and negativity. The past couple of months I have been shown specific treasured items from the fairy realm to share with you. I am to share many more of these whimsical images of their reality and world in the upcoming months and days. I am to ask of you and make a reminder that if you are fortunate enough to come across an uncloaked realm do not take any items or pose a threat. Leave a treat or gift for the elemental care takers of this magnificent world and her inhabitants. Often I leave gifts for the fairies at my home and even at nature preserves and parks. The fairies can not tolerate genetically modified food or crops. If you offer them a treat or gift it must be entirely organic and natural, no exceptions. Homemade honey biscuits are a favorite of the fairies. They only require one small biscuit as they are tiny beings. Offer them a couple teaspoons of organic clove honey poured into a rock that has a dip in it. The fairies really wouldn't appreciate a plastic dish or other item left out in their realm. Use what they use such as a hollowed out stump or as I mentioned above a rock that has a shallow bowl like area or ring in the center. The fairies love raw nuts as well and will spice or cook them up to their own tasting. Only raw verses cooked or dry roasted/salted should be given to the fairies. If you have any organic cotton or hemp laying around your home, feel free to make blankets in six by three inch rectangles. This is perfect for the fairies to use as blankets or if they want to sew a new article of clothing. If you want to leave the best gift of all, plant an heirloom fruit tree on your property. Create offerings under the tree when it is in full bloom and when the fruit begins to ripen. This is when the fairies are around the tree more than any other time. If any thoughts of capturing a fairy arise in your mind they can and will most likely leave the area. Even though I have been allowed to draw items from their realm, I am not permitted to draw the fairies themselves. I was once honored by the Fire Fairies and becasue I am a fire sign they gave me permission and subconsciously one was caught on film dancing above our fire. I can tell you that one reason many of the fairies won't allow drawings of them is becasue of the many different elemental qualities and looks to them. It would take an eternity to draw all the elementals. Secondly, becasue of their looks some of the elementals might be considered 'different' because of what many have been taught by some religions. Each element in our world has a fairy or sprite/diva clan that's the guardian and caretaker of that element. For example there are water divas, maple tree fairies, grass sprites, fire fairies, apple blossom fairies, etc. You get the idea. Society would consider only some beautiful and others that are different might be judge as scary only becasue they appear with these different elemental qualities. It has been instructed that I am to the best of my abilities to answer any questions you may have about the fairies or their realm. I have been asked not to give their names, or exact locations of any known realms/dwellings. As requested by them I will continue to draw and post their sacred plants, friends & elements from their realms. The one message that is always stronger than any other from the fairies: Love all creation and existence as your universal brother and sister.

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