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This image is still cropped. The size is Five feet by five feet. The took me five years to complete averaging about 3 to 4 hours per day. I used an airbrush but mostly fine brushes. Some areas took an hour per square inch. I actually painted every vein in every feather. Hows that for dedication? When other artists show me painting that have taken them a few weeks to complete...I just smile to myself. Knowing that the only way someone else might complete a project of this size is if they were locked up for ten years in prison. I'm smiling now but with a four year old son, a painting done in a week for me is a miracle.


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Anthony Mottram 07 May 2004

Hi Errol, forgive my absence from your folio, and comments on your awesome works :) You are a man after my own heart. I began my journey into art via Birds of Prey. As a child I was fascinated by the majesty, and would watch them for endless hours from vantage points to analyse their flight and habits. You my friend have a compulsion for portrayal of these creatures in ALL of their majesty :) My highest regards to you Errol :) Lazarus

Sandy McClosky 25 Apr 2004


Bill Lishinski 17 Apr 2004

Thats Dedication...I dont have the Patience a Painting done in a week is a Project for me :() Excellent Painting that puts Bateman to shame

amy brecker 09 Apr 2004

wow!! this is really good! It looks like a photo!

BUFFALO GRAPHICS Denny Karchner 04 Apr 2004

photorealism to the tenth power. great work my friend.--Denny