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'Bear Creek Cave'

In the 1980's I had known some 'Hillfolk' that lived in Carroll County Arkansas with a view of this cliff and cave. These rural country Ozark folks were people who lived the hard life with very little income but were quite sophisticated and very joyful people. Copyright 1985


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John Cappello 02 Jan 2015

Oh Yeah, Amazing lighthearted images. I love This great creation. Most importantly Amazing Artistic talent that You are gifted with Vincent!

Artist Reply: Exactly. I hated the trappers. I think the trappers and many shooters should feel how it feel as a Karmatic return.

Kovács János 16 Apr 2009

fabulous shot, Vincent!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Kovacs!

Brenda Loveless 08 Nov 2008

well done! I had the privilege of visiting a cave in southwest Missouri some years back that used to be shelter or dwelling for woodland Indians; thanks for the reminder, Vincent!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Brenda! It is always an imagination stimulator to think about caves but be warned never to into these farther than the 'twilight zone' or area of visibility. All the life forms are found here anyway except for bats.