Cover image to the book Some Things Strange & Sinister [2009]

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Molly Williams 14 Oct 2008

Wonderful piece! Really gives the feeling of "some things strange and sinister".

Artist Reply: Hi,Molly. Thanks for the kind comments. I have to admit that I get a lot of feedback on the Maakika art and I suppose that's a good thing. There is an explanation which you can find on the Maakika page It's ad supported but tells you all you need to know;luckily it doesn't read as "mad" as I thought originally! I have checked your work out before and I loved the colour pencil work -seriously impossible to tell it is colour pencil work as I thought paints at first! Just very nice and good use of colour which gives a warm feeling when you look at it. Hopefully they are bringing in some income?! Keep up the good work! Terry