A woman selling seafoods

oil on board


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Minerva Bloom 30 Jul 2008

Wow... Nikolay your portfolio is superb! This rendition is quite interesting. I see all sorts of things in it. First thing to my mind was a bearded man then if you look at it horizontally or upside down it becomes something quite different. Extraordinary. Nice to meet ya!

Artist Reply: Thanks dear Minerva. I'm so happy to hear such a beautiful words from you. Izabella showed me your work in progress. Looking forward to seeing it.

Anneke Hut 28 Jul 2008

Very special painting you've made of it, Nikolay! I envy your imagination and skills to paint it so wonderfully!

Pamela Davidson 28 Jul 2008

Amazing what one man started, it took off like wildfire, Congradulations on such a beautiful portrayal of Armando's Peixeiras, Nikolay!! Love the color choice's.

Armando Salas Jr. 28 Jul 2008

I already know my father's painting. Your version is better for sure. (Just renouncing to the legacy... LOL:-)

Olga van Dijk 28 Jul 2008

Nice work and welcome to Armando's group, husband of Izabella!! I love your own interpretation of the challenge... Love and Light~OLGA

Artist Reply: Hello Olga, Thanks for your comment. I’m in this challenge quite accidentally. As you could notice I’m not active AW member. I haven’t been here for about a year. Just Izabella was so excited about this project and inspired me with it too. But it isn’t not for long . I’m going underground again. By the way Izabella showed me your version of Piexeiras. And I loved it very much.

margaret mckeehan 28 Jul 2008


Mimoza Oronova 28 Jul 2008


Armando Salas 28 Jul 2008

Eighteen artists (I'm included) are involved in this project until now. I was tninking about a "standard" comment for all people. Although you all are the real artists, it's as if your creatures were "my kids". Does a father show preferences? Not at all. All of them, sons and daughters are beautiful and loved. I'll not like to hurt someone because I write "Wonderful" to one and "Lovely" to another one. I must be cautious because I know all people put the same feelings and passion for art in their work. When I got this idea I thought: "If I'm lucky, perhaps 3-4 artists..." I cannot suspect 17 TALENTED artists more (by now :-) were ready to share this strange experience. Sorry my English knowledge isn't good enough to express my feelings but all of you must know I truly appreciate your endless support in all I do or start. Yes, this one is my STANDARD comment. AMAZING WORK! I feel myself honored because you are part of my project and my heart. No more words are needed. Thank you very much. I love you---------P.S.- Nikolay: I truly think you are "in". Artists can take my sketch as reference or "to be inspired by". This means, you're in the challenge and I would love you'll upload this work to the thread. Also I would love to see all the drawings of Izabella in the Group.--- Glad to meet you, Nikolay. Do you know? I drew the poster-tribute to Anna Politkovskaya and also have an orginal drawing of an amazing Russian cartoonist: Ivan Anchoukov.