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The true origins of this beautiful little house have been lost but some say it was built in the 16th century by two outlaw brothers.In the 19th century it was then used by 'Navvies' working on the nearby road and bridge.In 1929 the house was bought by a certain Mr Edward Riley who,some say was a bit of a storyteller and notorious rouge (but quite a nice fellow some say).When Edward died in 1960 the house became an Antique shop and Tea Rooms.By 1988 the house was derelict and was then bought by 'The Snowdonia Society'and restored to its former glory and is now quite a popular visitor site because of the 5 Acres of Woodland and Gardens behind the house.No one knows why it's called 'The Ugly House',I think it's wonderful. The house is situated 2 miles from a small town called 'Capal Curig' North Wales UK.......and that endeth the Histoy lesson for today. (c) Griffleo 2008

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David Vanderpool 29 Jun 2008

awesome looking house..... with all your photos, Im ready to move!!!! LOL

Robert Ryan 24 Jun 2008

Awesome Place!

Aila Kajan 22 Jun 2008

Great photo and a beautiful house.Thank you for the story behind it and for sharing.

Chas Sinklier 18 Jun 2008

You know DG - in our hotter part of the world, you would not want to know what would be living in all those chinks in the stone - scary - Great foto!! ~:0)

debbie collier 18 Jun 2008

Beautifully done!! I love the house!!!