water enchantress

XD yet again more fun with practicing realism. The odd fact about this one is that I actually made several modifications to the line art and even pushed the line art to the back just to be used as part of the background. I'm rather pleased with the effects of the water bubble. I need to think of a name for the fish now. Any ideas what I should call him?


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2008


Teresa Dominici 24 Jun 2008

Fantastic work, great imagination Heather.

Jan van Baarle 24 Jun 2008

Very beautiful!

jodie kirk 24 Jun 2008

Stunning picture! The water effect is really good. As name for the fish. The only thing that comes to mind is bubbles - and thats rather corny. :D

indarto budi 24 Jun 2008

so wonderful...great coloring technique!

Evelyn Simon 13 Jun 2008

This is really interesting to look at. i like it!

Hui Zhu 13 Jun 2008

lovely illustration...really like the water effect,cool ! ^o^

Keyon Jones 12 Jun 2008

interesting drawing

Emily Reed 12 Jun 2008

Charming and enchanted! Great job!

Sharon Gonzalez 12 Jun 2008

Awesome work, Heather! WOW!