There is No Place Like Home

Sleeping Children...they dream in Comfort in the safety of their Home!


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Maurizio Miele 07 Oct 2013

great photo !

Aila Kajan 10 May 2008

Wonderful work!Beautiful composition!

annette steens 04 May 2008

how WONDERFUL Mary Lou!

Teresa Dominici 30 Apr 2008

Cozy and great feeling image.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 29 Apr 2008

Excellent image, Mary Lou!!!

John Swift 24 Apr 2008

What beautiful children! Great shot!

Christine brand 24 Apr 2008

Wow, neat overlay, beautiful thoughts. May they always be thus. Such wonderful patterns in their dreams. Cool, Mary Lou! Home is where the heart of love and truth is...It is up to you to keep them close, close to you and God. You have an important work to day. Watching over these Miracles. Stay close to God. Draw nigh unto God and he will draw nigh unto you. Please never forget or give up the call upon your life. Your name is Mary for a good cause and precious reason. Please never forsake the Shinning White Shadow. He is there through all things whether you are aware of it or not. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit, Mary. Your Work her on Earth is not done. Turn back to him, does not matter if you fall. He will help you get back up. I love you no matter. You are My Sister Mary. I thank God for you and the chance I had to get to know all of you again and to see the children. I love them even if you think I don"t, . the time we had will never be able to be replaced. I hope when you think of me you try to recall the good. Love always. Your pictures capture the truth and beauty of life and share them with peace in mind, that is what the Lord would want you to do isn't it? Later! I did see Johnny Depp!!! Yah!!!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 23 Apr 2008

BEAUTIFUL and sooooooo Precious photo artwork,Mary Lou!!!Fantastic creative artistry!!!,Dee :)

Artist Reply: Thank you Mrs. David (Dee)....God Bless you and Your Wonderful Family~

Nira Dabush 23 Apr 2008

Wonderful to look at them... Beautiful relaxed girls.Indeed there's nothing like home..funny, yesterday I came back home with my 2 kids from library, and quite spontaneously find myself saying (with a smile ) : " hello home ... " . My kids were very surprised said yes, why not, my mother also used to say something similar when we used to come back home, at times... Many years after, I find myself saying similar things. WONDERFUL ,Mary Lou

Artist Reply: Nira...Thank you for your Wonderful Comment it is nice that you stopped by to Comment on these sleeping Beauties!