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Artist: Joan Stohlman
Uploaded: 03/12/08
Gallery: Art/Drawing Misc.
Subject: Other/Misc.
Media: Hand Made/Stitched

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by Joan Stohlman
by Joan Stohlman
by Joan Stohlman
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Lady Grace
(Image 170 of 267) Copyright © Joan Stohlman

Lady Grace is a 48 inch tall Porcelain and fabric doll made from a French reproduction mold. Her head, arms and upper torso are porcelaim and lower torso legs and feet are fabric.The pattern for her body was intended to be made in leather, although I used cotton muslin. She is completely hand made, including her taffeta garden party dress and hat.
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  08:33 PM  
Dianne McGrath
  WOW!!! 48 in. Tall??? Does she have a special place? She is quite beautiful ~~~ her face reminds me of Princess Diana!
  Artist Reply:   She actually sits in one of the white wicker chairs that I have for some of the dolls. Because of her size, she is top heavy, the breastplate goes down nearly to her waist, and there is no porcelain in her lower body, so it is safer for her to sit than stand. Her torso is supported by a pc of plastic plumbing pipe, that I filled with pellets. The original mold is actually quite old, I believe it was done in the 18 hundreds. With the blond hair and blue eyes, the face does bear a striking resemblance to Princess Diana. For the record, she also comes in a 5 ft. tall mold. The lady who tought me how to make porcelain dolls made one in that size, and dressed her in her own wedding gown. My doll sits across from my fireplace, holding two smaller dolls, one is Sara Jane, the other is a lovely, very delicate looking little girl, dressed in period clothes and she was a birthday gift from my doll making teacher.