La naissance de l'homme

Oil on Canvas part of a vintage titled "ONEIRIC SYMBOLISM". This oil painting has been created following the "traditional" oil on canvas technique: in successive layers, fat on thin, which means a long time of dryins (in fact, oxidation) of the layers. Simple flashes of inspiration or long maturation of an original impression, these images have in common only one and surrealist topic: they are self sufficiant and carry each one a quiet and timeless message that my own unconscious addresses to the unconscious of the audience.

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Michael Easter 16 May 2008

Just insane! It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Christine brand 30 Jan 2008

A Master of Mood!

Per Corell 30 Jan 2008

Very spetacular and yet focused. Great perspective.

Jerry 30 Jan 2008

Very creative and exciting artwork!

Lucia Stewart 30 Jan 2008

Wow, excellent and super creative work!!!