Zeeland, sun shining on the fields

Even in winter the sun is giving a nice golden colour on the fields. (100x100cm acrylic painting on canvas.)


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kath nepia 14 Jan 2008


gerry logan 12 Jan 2008

what a grand picture love the cloud line with the landscape great job

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 11 Jan 2008

Just what we need Nelly!

Carliss Mora 10 Jan 2008


KC CHANG 10 Jan 2008


thea walstra 10 Jan 2008

Very beautiful work Nelly

José Fortunato 10 Jan 2008

Always amazing your scale ! It gives the real sensation of deepness. Great as usual

francis kwok peng kin 10 Jan 2008

Great sky work, very impressive and huge. you are truely expert in it.

Roberta Ponte 10 Jan 2008

peaceful impression, well done!

Penny Myers 09 Jan 2008

So pretty. You are so good at this stuff.

Lior Goldenberg 09 Jan 2008

Another beauty! Love the unusual proportions of the sky and the land.

Frank Maguire 09 Jan 2008

I bet they wouldn't have any sun in Holland if you hadn't painted it. Nature follows art . Lovely work Nelly.

Ana Tirolese 09 Jan 2008

Gorgeous painting!

Steven Torrisi 09 Jan 2008

Another one of the grand landscapes of yours where the clouds and nature dominates in comparison to civilization.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 09 Jan 2008

Spectacular composition and colours, Nelly!!!

Eddy collins 09 Jan 2008

very nice nelly

Terry Bullard 09 Jan 2008

lovely and relaxing!

marilena pilla 09 Jan 2008

very very nice!

Gerard van den Berge 09 Jan 2008

Prachtig landschap met het accent op de luchten ; heel kunstzinnig schilderij ; iets voor een gallerie

Tabitha Borges 09 Jan 2008

so like a great song.....

Gabriele Swanson 09 Jan 2008

wow Nelly this is beautiful

Barry Huyett 09 Jan 2008

WOW!.........your painting is fabulous!!!

Emily Reed 09 Jan 2008


Olga van Dijk 09 Jan 2008

Ahhhh another beauty about ZEELAND met zijn schaapjeswolken...an endless inspiration for a gifted artist like you... (Makes me homesick....)

peter gander 09 Jan 2008

Fabulous. I love the deft use of space. Very tranquil.

Nira Dabush 09 Jan 2008

What a DELIGHTFUL Scene dearest Nelly..this is so relaxing and wonderful to look at...Love it.

Lucia Stewart 09 Jan 2008

Morning Nelly! I just love these skillful works of yours! The sky is so inviting and stretches on eternally! You are the master with this subject!