Strange Occurrence

Life is complexed; I asked God for a "Better Job" that I could pay my bills: He gave me a "broken wrist"...The Lord works in a way we could never comprehend! There is a marvelous lesson that I must learn from this encounter! I Love the Lord with All My Heart...It is evident that He has a "Better Plan" in mind for me in my future: I will obey! Merry Christmas....Jesus! This is an X-ray of my wrist after surgery...merged with a photograph my Dearest Sister Christine Brand took at Disney land earlier this summer...God Bless you ALL...and Merry Christmas! Also Happy Holiday's to All on AW!

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Christine brand 16 Mar 2008

Interesting with the dark glasses and the face in the back viewing the x-ray. God trying to give insight. We can do nothing without Christ, but all things are possible with the Lord! You know those. He gives us life and the energy to live and his spirit to guide us from within. So much is a puzzle to piece together like these pieces in your arm, delicate and fragile we are even though we live like we will never fall, never fail, never die or grow old, sometimes. It serves to remind us to rely on his strength not our own. To look to him in all we try to do, Lest we stumble and lose our way or all our life. There is nothing made here that he did not create. We were to be his friends and companions, he wants you to look to him for answers in all you do. No one else can give you the strength he can. In your weakness his strength is made perfect. Not by power or by might but by every word that comes form the Mouth of God! Like the David and the Giant. God Be with you Mary Lou Ann, I do love you. Fantastic work here. Sorry for all the trouble I brought, couldn't pay you back even in an eternity. Wish I had a million dollars! Sinseerly CB

Sigridur Bachmann 25 Dec 2007

Beautiful effect Merry Christmas to you and you family. Thanks for the comment I appreciated it.

Chris Williams 24 Dec 2007

a perfect study

Jennifer Hutton 19 Dec 2007

awesome effect! great idea very original

Alberto D'Assumpcao 18 Dec 2007

Your lesson is simply fascinating, Mary Loup!!! Thanks for that!!! I'm sure you'll have a quick response for heaven!!! Merry Christmas to you, my dear friend!!!