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Cosmic Carrot

Two in the series COSMIC CARROT.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 05 Apr 2012

jesuscm / good view, well done this deserved brutite!This photo is a good sample in the flickr. It is awarded the flickr Award!Please Tag your photo with “flickrAward” and visit the Please post the photo to flickr Award 5+ thread if you received 5 or more of this award

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Feb 2009

You know how you're trying to compliment somebody, but you feel like anything that will come out of your mouth won't describe their talent well enough; that it wouldn't do the immense feeling building up inside of you because of their talent justice; that whatever you decide to say to them will make them feel like just something to say out of mere politeness even though you want so badly for them to know how much you appreciate the unreal beauty of their work? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling right now. Only twice as bad because there's two of them!!! Oh my gosh, my head's spinning from all the magnificence...

Tabitha Borges 10 Oct 2007

oh their both wonderful but I love how the flowers add more..stunning

Julie Hollis 09 Oct 2007

Intriguing work Sara! Love the green of the bottom one especially!

joe valcourt 09 Oct 2007

great artwork super image