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I'm not a huge Spider fan,but I always get a 'buzz' watching them.Is it just me,or,has this Spider only got six and a half legs?. (c) Griffleo 2007

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gerry logan 24 May 2008

Yep appears this one may have been in a fight and just escaped with his life but lost some limbs in the war. Nice capture great micro.

William Boyer 08 Sep 2007

nice close up

Emily Reed 04 Sep 2007

Yikes! Creepy! Great work!

Joanna Jungjohann 04 Sep 2007

beautiful spider and foto

Sharon Henson 04 Sep 2007

I too.dislike siders...but they are interesting to watch as they build their web so you can walk thru it in the morning. GREAT SHOT!!!

Artist Reply: Yeah,I've done that!,walking through the web,yech!,....then I'm walking into the house wondering how many 'baby' spiders,or whats left of the spiders dinner I've got crawling over me!!!!........shudder,shudder!!!!!!!.Thanks for your comment,Best Wishes DG.