When I lived in Wales,I lived in a small village called 'Cym-y-glo' (pronounced COME-E-GLOW).After Sunday lunch,Wendy,my wife and I used to walk up to this spot and just chill-out for an hour or two,it was only about a 10 min walk,but it was worth it!.Last week we took our two boys up here,and showed them where we used to live,I've never heard so much moaning in my life, "How much more have we got to walk ?","Are we there yet ?".Anyone would think that fresh air and exercise would kill them,lol. (c) Griffleo 2007. Photo taken using my old Zenith XP 12 SLR.I got the film back yesterday and the photo was scanned,It's not come out too bad really,a few 'tweeks' were done using PSPX.It must be 20 odd years since I got that camera out,I dusted it down and I thought it was about time it was used again,I used a cheapo film for it.

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William Boyer 20 Aug 2007

great shot

Anne Vis 20 Aug 2007

Very beautiful, David!

Ana Tirolese 19 Aug 2007


jamie winter 19 Aug 2007

awesome very great photo

Carliss Mora 19 Aug 2007

He, he! David, the boys. Must be a sign of our times, don't you think? I shudder to think how their children will react to say.. going to the shopping mall? Why when you can shop online? Lol!! We all shall see, but what a glorious place this is, and such a wonderful capture of it.