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Twilight Storm

I have been told by many that this piece resembles the "Group of Seven" style. This is an enlarged section from one of my paintings.  There were very many fantastic images that I zoomed in on and could not help but create a few art pieces out off, for printing. 

About the painting:  I painted this one in 2001.  The colours are bright and vivid and I feel the winds as the storm approaches.  I do much camping up north in the Algonquin.  The tall trees are luscious and rich in various greens.  As the winds whip up with their enormous strength, the trees sway at their peeks looking so weak and fragile. 

I enjoy the nature and the trips to up to the north.  The rock and the energy is wonderful and it's where I feel at one with the universe and nature.  This is where I get many of my inspirations to paint and illustrate.

Dimension: Original is 15" x 18" (38 x 46 cm) on a Canvas Panel.  This section is zoomed in on.  The copy can be enlarged and transferred on a canvas of various sizes.  The brush strokes are thick and rich as they are full of the paint. 

Choice of my colour palette: Throughout the entire painting I used many rich and vibrant colours.  In this specific section I zoomed in on the stormy weather approaching, which made the peaks of the tall evergreens dance in the winds.   The colours are rich in the greens and some yellows for accent.  There's a bit of the blue near the peaks to offset the canvas and add some freshness to the winds.

Result: An approaching storm in the Twilight.  I can feel the winds on my face as I observe this one.  It is one of my favourite pieces.

Copyright Janette Dengo 2007   All rights reserved.  Unauthorized copying or use of image is prohibited.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work.  Feel free to leave comments and don't forget to browse through my other works.

Have a terrific life ~ filled with joy and laughter in your days ahead!

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Jan 2011

beautiful strokes! lovely piece

francis kwok peng kin 18 Aug 2007

The colours from this painting resembles the 'Group of Seven" their paintings were mainly on nature/landscape., very brilliant strokes and textures.

Cindy Lemoi 06 Aug 2007

Fantastic work. So much to see. Love it.

Seth Weaver 06 Aug 2007

A visual treat!

Jerry 04 Aug 2007

Powerful and very lovely picture!