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Jumong and Shoubi

Jumong is just incredible! This shot of Jumong and Shoubi playing silly so-and-so's, (as usual!) was taken just 18 hours after Jumong was stabbed in the kneck by a drug-crazed neighbor of mine. Not only is he already back to normal, eating like a horse, he's actually up and playing with Shoubi as if nothing had happened!


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Gwenlyn Norton 26 Dec 2013

Good news!

Cindy Lemoi 14 Jul 2007

Excellent. I am happy to hear this as I did have Jumong on my mind last night. I hate to hear of acts of cruelty against any animal. Thanks for the update ! :) Happy to see these two beautiful dogs together as friends. They are adorable !

Artist Reply: Well, of course, Mr. "Problem in the Head" is still just down the road and despite tackling him on the issue, I still have absolutely no idea just why exactly, he done this... Meanwhile, Jumong's owner seems satisfied with an apology and a promise not to do it again - and has gone out for the night, leaving Jumong nestled up as close as he could get to my back door. Needless to say, Jumong is now asleep INSIDE my house and, untill his owner comes to claim him, that is where he will stay!

bianca 14 Jul 2007

oh so the capture...

Emily Reed 14 Jul 2007