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La Salsa Love

(c)2007 A few years ago, at this time of the year, I was on a date with a very special woman I've known since high school. It was hot out that day and we were looking for a cool, comfortable, romantic place to eat. We had been to many restaurants in the Walnut Creek, California area. Some places looked fancy, while others had a special dish they specialized in. In many of them we felt ordinary,...just another customer. But then we passed by the PMI Building near the Pleasant Hill BART station. We seen a sign out indicating validated parking in the parking garage. "Wow,'s so cool here, and my truck will stay cool too!" And the entrance was right there, no long walk. We went in feeling the blast of air-conditioning and began checking out the menu. Latin music was playing in the background as we decided to take a chance on sharing a plate of nachos with steak stripes. We had just began looking the place over when our food was ready. "Wow,..that was fast!" And to our delight,...a very large plate covered with lots of melted cheese. I don't like those places that hold back on the cheese. We ate up fast and before the plate was empty we were full. Sipping sodas for another couple of hours,...we talked about old times and how things have changed so much,...but not,..we thought,...each other. The sun was down and we reluctantly said good bye. Though she and I do not date anymore,...I'll always remember the good times we shared,...and especially that day. It seemed perfect somehow. I find myself going back quite often to remember that day. Whether alone,...or with friends,...that La Salsa is a favorite spot to me. :O)

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indarto budi 19 Sep 2007

looks so cute!

Jessica Xu 14 Jul 2007

Wow, you had a date!! It's great.. but La Salsa's picture doesnt clear...

Steve Farr 11 Jul 2007

Cool, Gregg!!!!

Penny Myers 11 Jul 2007

A true love story. Too cute.

Mayme Crouse 11 Jul 2007

so adorable Gregg....what a tribute to a great a day.......