My own patches of Heaven, Sky ,Wind and Earth

Since there really wasn't a "spiritual" subject I am adding that in now, so to speak. It has been a very rough few months since last December. Dealing with the death of my sister, my wife losing a job when we couldn't afford the loss, another "adopted" sister/best friend of mine finding out she has lupus and may not survive the oncoming blood clots as well as her preexisting epilepsy AND dealing with having to move YET again and not sure where our future will take us at any moment...I had to sit and take stock of what I do have in life. It is a mess sometimes and often chaotic but definitely not static. Even pain and sorrow can have the most amazing colours.It is what gives us artists more depth of character I believe.


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Emily Reed 30 Jun 2007

A remarkable abstract!!!!

annette steens 30 Jun 2007

Wonderful, Kristof you dare to show your feelings through a painting and telling about the thoughts. Life is here because we have to learn from it how life must be! We are lost of the Source and you will find it back by believing in the positive things of mankind that will heal the soul! Great wonderful colours are to be seen so keep on trusting because the tool to wisdom is laying deep in the heart! Wish you strenghts and eternal love!

jamie winter 30 Jun 2007

the piece is awesome, I am so sorry about all your loses Kristof

Joanna Jungjohann 30 Jun 2007


Artist Reply: Thank you Joanna:) It has been long overdue for me to make something to show my often hid and subdued spiritual side.