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This part of the Ceremony derives from the salt covenant in this the Bride and Groom pour their sands similtaneously then each child adds the color of their choice to make a Beautiful design with each grain of sand being added more beautiful than the last


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Elf Evans 21 Jun 2007

A well composed image, like the f-stop allowing for the lessned background with just enough visibility to allow the viewer to remain focused on the veryh sharp foreground...this is an image they will look back on and say how "Gifted the photographer was for seeing this opportunity"...well done....

Artist Reply: Thank You Elf I was not the assigned Photographer but as Mother of the Groom I took every opportunity that was available ... my title is Paparratzi or should I say Mommarratzi LOL

annette steens 21 Jun 2007

nice shot Lynnette.

Emily Reed 21 Jun 2007

Such wonderful work!!!!!

June Steward 21 Jun 2007

I've never heard or seen of this...just beautiful, Lynette!

Artist Reply: Thank You June it represents the joining of the 2 families in this case with 3 children from a previous marriage who now are a beautiful part of not only the former but the present and they truly are gifts !!!