Yet again more strange daydreams. This one may have some significance to things that have happened recently in my life. I wont bother you with them tho. XP Overall I was really happy with the theme and look I managed to pull off with this one. It doesnt look like my normal work. Probably a good thing Well I hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2008


Mona van der Veen 24 Jun 2008

I Like it!

Mike Thompson 25 Mar 2008

who or what is a "Tavis Harts"?

Artist Reply: XD “Tavis Harts” is one of my OCs that I use as an alias. I always put it on art that I am displaying online for extra protection to keep it from being stolen.

Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008

cool pic

Leo Da's Artistic Promotions 22 Jun 2007

Very, very cool Heather!