well. i've been working on this picture for some time, about a week and a half. i'm pretty pleased with the outcome. it's pretty conceptual, pretty surrealistic (if only they had either one of those categories...or did a miss it?). it's derived from a poem i wrote which i won't post here because the format will be murdered; if you want to read it, just say so and i'll send it to you. but remember, both the image and poem are (c) to me. the scan cut off my signature, but it's there. anyhow, it's colored pencils, ink, and just a hint of makeup (not in this scan, i saved that for last to give it a shimmery effect; it wouldn't have shown up anyway). anyhow, it's for a local contest. i don't know/think that i'll win, but it sure would be nice if i at least got mentioned, got something out of it =P. anyhow, let me know what you think of it!


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Jerry 29 Mar 2007

Interesting artwork and story telling!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 29 Mar 2007

What a beauty, H!!!