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Kundalini 2

My paintings became so enhanced that Dr David Weeks, a world renowned neuropsychologist, author, broadcaster and film maker wrote after meeting me and seeing this large Kundalini Ascension painting: This artist is Englands 21st century answer to Monet, and is undoubtedly a painter of creative genius.

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Calvin McFarlane 08 Sep 2012

mesmerizing and encaptivating and i certainly agree with Dr Weeks acessment.

John Cappello 07 Sep 2012

Enchanting and clever work.This Beauty captivates the Eyes

Lynn De Serres 05 Sep 2012

Very fine artwork indeed.

Adrian Bayreuther 05 Sep 2012

Stunning technique.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 28 Nov 2009

Hello Anne! How are you? I've always been fascinated by the intricacy and detailed order of your work. I visit your portfolio whenever I need a lift and it never fails me. Thanks for sharing these unique and original works. Love from RustyXX