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Kerra Lindsey

Here is my first self-portrait in watercolor. Professional grade watercolors on Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper.


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Maurizio Miele 06 Jan 2013


Dusan Vukovic 10 Nov 2012

wow, excellent portrait!

Lorna Skeie 16 May 2012

Fantastic work

Mattias Kihlström 08 Jan 2012

Lovely =)

Jerrie Glasper 14 Mar 2009

Kerra, I couldn't have done a better job at capturing your personality in this portrait painting. I am impressed. Your skills are increasing.

Robert Scott Dobie 18 Feb 2009

Beautifuly painted self portrait Kerra congratulations !!!

Sophie Library 07 Feb 2009

you did a good job Kerra! soooooo sweet :)

Jonas Jonzén 03 Feb 2009

Wow, I knew I would be right about this! :) Great portrait with nice colours!

Artist Reply: :) Thanks so much, Jonas! What a fun event to be in--(you WERE right!) Cheers! -Kerra

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Feb 2009

Wow, I knew I would be right about this! :) Great portrait with nice colours!

brenden howard 16 Jul 2008

very god self portraite,beutiful smile,love the way you used light and shodowin a subtle way

alma groskinsky 24 Apr 2008

A beauty all around subject and painting,,,,

Jo-Ann Hayden 17 Apr 2008

Beautiful piece of art work

BILL NAGY 12 Dec 2007

After viewing you slide show, I have to say you are one talented young lady. BILL NAGY

T.D. Ruley 27 Oct 2007

very well done seeing the actual photo

Fiona Robinson 03 Sep 2007

You have beautiful work - love the self portrait. I'm a beginner and have just attempted my first portrait so I'm appreciating what goes into a painting more now!

MIke Calderon 31 Aug 2007

It doesn't look like the self-portrait is too much of a challenge to you! I think you nailed you! Beautiful! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Aug 2007

Very lovely portrait Kerra. Great painting technique. Lovely colors. Marcel

Visionary Imagist 27 Jul 2007

Kerra: This is fine rendition. A great self portrait. Wonderful work in capturing your likeness!!

Olga van Dijk 20 Jul 2007

Gosh, I checked your picture.... you're beautiful and it's almost identical WONDERFUL JOB, Kerra! I love the way the light falls on your face... You're beautiful!--Love and Light~OLGA

Artist Reply: Wow, Olga, (really blushing)--thanks! The great thing with watercolor is that we can leave out the flaws we don't like, right? ha ha ha Thanks so for the wondeful feedback--I really appreciate it. :) -Kerra

Rebecca Wadle 20 Jul 2007

Wow, superb job on the self portrait!!

Hugo Lopez 09 Jul 2007

Beautiful subject and portrait.

Gautam Thoidingjam 03 Jul 2007

Looks awesome. Doen't look like a first rimer. Great, it's very nicely done. Love to see more of your self portrait.

Artist Reply: HI, Gautam! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback on my self-portrait. Yes-it's true-that's a first for me. It's so strange to paint oneself--I kept thinking, "is that really me?" weird. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! :) -Kerra

Joanna Jungjohann 30 May 2007

what a beauty, the art and the model!~

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 May 2007

Absolutly beautiful, you have captured yourself perfect.

Nora Blansett 25 May 2007

You captured yourself so well, and you've done a beautiful job!

Reba McDonald 24 May 2007

A beautiful self portrait Kerra

Christopher Ewing 24 May 2007

outstanding job on a self portrait, i admire those who can draw n paint things like this

Hassan Pasha 21 May 2007

Charming, delightfully charming ... what did you do to your smile? so very captivating..stunning work ... you have done justice to your face ... you have captured the freshness of the morning breeze here .. oh this is truly amazing ...

kathryn semolic 20 May 2007

Fantastic! I feel as though I'm looking into your eyes and seeing your joy at being alive.

Elf Evans 13 May 2007

Splendid self portrait????????????????

Artist Reply: Hi, Elf! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this self-portrait, (my first in watercolor)---I do have to ask though--why all the question marks???? :) I'm off to check out your portfolio. -Kerra

Claudia Huefner 30 Apr 2007


M. Usman Ul Haq 25 Apr 2007

Wonderful self portrait!

Artist Reply: Hi, there! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my self-portrait--I appreciate it! Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Mark Peterson 22 Apr 2007

Very nice work...wonderful self portrait!

Artist Reply: Hi, there, Mark! Thanks so much for the compliment on my self-portrait--I appreciate your feedback! Hope your day goes wonderful. :) -Kerra

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Apr 2007

Hey, I am an amateur as far as drawing is concerned. I bet it's really difficult to make a self-portrait. Can you please share with the world how much time you took to make this ? - Anil (P.S.: It's really nice)

Ed Fairburn 11 Apr 2007

Great piece... really crisp. I love that about watercolour. And it lookds exactly like you!

Artist Reply: Wow, Ed! Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment on my self-portrait. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Wendy Wilson 09 Apr 2007

Wonderful self-portrait. Portraits are notoriously difficult in watercolor, yours is outstanding!!!

Ambrus Diossy 06 Apr 2007

Beautiful Portrait Kerra!!!

Artist Reply: Hi, there, Ambrus! Thanks for taking the time to leave me feedback on my self-portrait. I appreciate it! :) -Kerra
Artist Reply: Hi, Ambrus! Thank you for your feedback on my self-portrait. I appreciate it! Hope your day goes great! -Kerra :)

titta inkinen 01 Apr 2007

So beautifully painted! Very well captured facial expression.

Michael Miles 01 Apr 2007

Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL woman. Michael Miles Artistry

Vivian Gutierrez 01 Apr 2007

Beautiful work!!!

annette steens 30 Mar 2007

This must be a friendly lady! She is beautiful! Nice work Kerra!

Robin Brown 28 Mar 2007

Now who could this gorgeous young lady be. The artist of course, the very talented artist

Artist Reply: Hi, Robin! Whao---(really turning red)--if you only knew....! I am really flattered by your comment, (truly)--thanks for the smile. :) -Kerra

Eddy collins 27 Mar 2007

very nice

Artist Reply: Hi, there, Eddy! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me some feedback on this piece--I appreciate it! :) -Kerra

Faith Puleston 27 Mar 2007

Beautiful, Kerra.

irish rozario 27 Mar 2007

i agree! it looks exactly like your photo! you're such an amazing artist miss kerra ^_^

Artist Reply: Hi, Irish! Hmm...the beauty of painting is deciding what to leave out--what to put in, etc. In portraits that's an even better idea--leave out what you don't want in! LOL This was my first self-portrait--what a strange thing to paint yourself. Funny to see yourself in such close-up details. :) -Kerra

Linda King 27 Mar 2007

What an amazing job you have done on this, Kerra. It looks exactly like your pic. You're such a pretty girl.

Artist Reply: Wow, Linda---I'm quite flattered. (smiling) Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me feedback on this self-portrait. I appreciate it! :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

poison jurado 26 Mar 2007

wow! that's amazing! i've only drawn a cartoon version of really good!

Artist Reply: Hi, there, Poison! :) Thanks so much for your very encouraging comment on my self-portrait. This was a first for me---but have the circle, eyes and such from my little cartoon versions over the years as prep-work. LOL Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Bev Chudey 26 Mar 2007

Great self portrait! I have never tried to paint myself.

Artist Reply: Hey, there, Bev! Thanks so much for your very kind comment on my self-portrait. This was the first time I've ever painted myself--what a strange feeling to see yoruself like that. :) I'm on my way to check out your portfolio--hope your day goes great! :) -Kerra

stephanie atlee 15 Mar 2007

You are quite beautiful...this is very well done.

Artist Reply: Wow, Stephanie---I don't know what to say. Beautiful wouldn't be the word I would choose I assure you...getting to 'leave out' what I didn't want included was a big advantage. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra :)

Albert Spiller 14 Mar 2007

as usual, well done

linda duffy 07 Mar 2007

the subject of this piece is just stunning and uv captured her beauty perfect fab kerra so very well done and tnxs for allowing me the pleasure of viewing as im only new here im still navigating my way around everybody and it is simply great to c such talented artists ar work xxxxxxxxxxx

Johna Gibson Bowman 02 Mar 2007

Great watercolor, Kerra! Great detail!

Amanda Willey 02 Mar 2007

Kerra this is Beautiful! :) Great job! Of course it would be impossible for it not to be beautiful considering the subject. :)

rb chakravartty 28 Feb 2007

nice work!!!

Artist Reply: Hi, there, RB! I appreciate your feedback on this piece--thanks! Hope your day goes great! :) -Kerra

Leah Jaarveth 27 Feb 2007

what a beautiful self portrait :)

Artist Reply: Leah--thanks so much for your compliment! I appreciate your time in leaving feedback on this piece, (so strange to paint yourself! LOL) Hope your day is going great! -Kerra :)

cramer 27 Feb 2007

very nice painting and beautiful face....nice usage of watercolor too

Randy Kroll 19 Feb 2007

Beautiful self portrait Kerra! Very well done! Of course it helps when you have a nice model to work from :)

Artist Reply: Wow, Randy! Thanks! I wouldn't ever consider myself a 'nice model', of course--the agony over how detailed to go was a big question on this one, (let's see here...leave out this flaw or keep? LOL) Hope your day goes great! Thanks again for your kind comment. :) -Kerra

Klaudia Warwel 19 Feb 2007

wonderful & staggering artwork. Perfect!

Artist Reply: Wow, Klaudia---'perfect'?! LOL---I can't help but giggle on this end as I went over and over this piece 'fixing' this and that....until I thought my eyes would go buggy and then here you are giving me this feedback. (smiling) Thanks so very much. It's so WEIRD painting yourself--starring at your own image is almost like an out of body experience..."does my nose really LOOK like that? Is THAT the way my eye is shaped?" It's almost comical in the making. Anyway, wanted to thank you for your compliment and time. I appreciate it! Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Jacqueline Bishop 18 Feb 2007

excellent work!

Artist Reply: Hi, Jacqueline! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback on my portrait. I appreciate your kind comment. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Renata Cavanaugh 17 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: Hi, Renata! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback on my portrait piece. I appreciate it! Hope your day goes GREAT! :) -Kerra

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Feb 2007

It's almost as if one can see the compassion in these eyes....the gift of an artist who displays layers and levels of thoughts and emotions in art forms. You are blessed!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 15 Feb 2007

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Very life like, you're such a professional!

debbie braswell 13 Feb 2007


Michael Easter 12 Feb 2007

Kerra, This is FLIPPEN REVERENT!!! Museum Quality !! You should be in galleries every were. I dont think I have ever seen a self portrait so life like. You have done it abosolutely done. How do you ever out do yourself after this! That is a challange - can't wait to see the result. An artist of the times - that how your bio should start off !!!! Great job.

BySilent 11 Feb 2007

Beautiful work.... charming painting

Janet Gioffre Harrington 11 Feb 2007

VERY, very beautiful! Looks JUST LIKE THE photo!!

Artist Reply: Wow, Janet--what an exceptional compliment! :) (blushing) Thanks so much for the time to leave a comment on this piece. :) I appreciate it! -Kerra

Randy Nore 11 Feb 2007

This a beautiful self portrait Kerra!!fantastic work!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Randy, for your nice comment! It is a whole new experience looking at yourself for so long--almost an 'out of body' type of experience! LOL Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

helen tyralik 11 Feb 2007

lovely portrait work

Artist Reply: Hey, Helen! Thanks so much for your nice comment on my self-portrait. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 11 Feb 2007

what a beautiful work of a BEAUTFIUL woman!! superb!!!! YOU!

Artist Reply: Hey, there, Nelly! Thanks so much for your wonderful compliment(blushing)! Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

Karen Cash 11 Feb 2007

Wow! So pretty!!

Artist Reply: Thanks again, Karen, for taking the time to stop and leave a comment for me. I appreciate your time! :) -Kerra

Steve Farr 10 Feb 2007

Wow,..stunning, Kerra!! ^_^

Artist Reply: Wow! Thanks, Steve--what a nice thing to say. :) -Kerra

Anna Sylvester 10 Feb 2007

Wonderful work! I love the way you captured your sparkling eyes and the warm highlights in your hair. You look as though you are the type of person who lights up a room!

Artist Reply: "Sparkling", eh? Wow! What a nice compliment from you. Thanks so much for the smile from your comment. Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

Greg Joens 10 Feb 2007

A perfect likeness. Beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Greg, for your nice compliment. :) Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

Jerry 10 Feb 2007

great soft colors, smile and portrait!

Artist Reply: Hey, there, Jerry! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop and leave a comment on this self-portrait. What a strange experience looking at yourself for so long--whew! :) Hope your day goes GREAT! -Kerra

Penny Myers 10 Feb 2007

You did a beautiful job. You are quite lovely

donna young 10 Feb 2007

Beautiful portrait.

Trine Meyer Vogsland 10 Feb 2007

Simply incredible. LOL and you look good too. I would have loved to have you teach me doing portraits. Online lessons or step by steps possible? ;-)

Ruth Kauffman 10 Feb 2007

Magnificent self portrait and watercolor, Kerra!!! Beautiful hair and eyes especially!!

Emily Reed 10 Feb 2007

Excellent portrait!!!!

debbie collier 10 Feb 2007

Amazing watercolor!!!

Michael Forbus 10 Feb 2007

Kerra, the watercolor is beautiful and the image of you is beautiful. Great work. Love the light texture and skin tone is excellent. Miguel

Rita de Falussy 10 Feb 2007

Beautiful portrait Kerra!

Lawrence Hickman 10 Feb 2007

brilliantly and amazing work awsome job

Anne Vis 10 Feb 2007

You look beautiful, Kerra, wonderful work! :-)

Artist Reply: What a wonderful compliment from you, Anne. :) Thanks so much for stopping by to review my self-portrait. :) Hope your day goes great! -Kerra

bianca 10 Feb 2007

beautiful water colour work....

jennifer blenkinsopp 10 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: Jennifer--what a nice thing to say! :) Thanks so much--this one was a real 'trial' for me as I've never spent so much time studying myself--weird perspecitve to tackle. Hope your day goes great--you made mine. -Kerra