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Three lil ones

This one stands for children. The circles, which to me stand either for into space or a time zone, remind me that one day each child will grow. Into what...I wonder...a singer, a artist, the president, the list goes on people! I could just write forever! Anyhoo...this one stands for the laughter and joy that seems to come from children that I see at Walmart..etc. They all have a smiling face and it makes me wonder to see them what they will grow to be. For more info. please contact:


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John Cappello 03 Dec 2014

Nice work Excellent composition all around,Superb characters

hugh thomas 18 Apr 2007

You certainly know how to create enigma. There is suppressed passion in your paintings, maybe? Perhaps I look too deeply? Best regards Hugh

Amy Jordan 22 Feb 2007

love the narrative and image.

Doris B. Lambling 05 Feb 2007

sooo sweet :))

Emily Reed 04 Feb 2007

So cute!