Lenore rose

The last picture I am doing for my design class. I had fun with it. For those who have explored my gallery before this is Lenore again. :3 If I can manage I am going to use this picture on my gaia mule account: lenore riddle. I tried, yet again, at something a little bit closer to realism. Its nice working in a style thats not my normal one. I think it ends up helping me a bit more with my normal work.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2008

I love it lol i wish ican draw like that...

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2008

its amazing i love it!

Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008

good pic

Chris Hawkes 17 Jan 2007

Very sexy! I love it!

jason case 14 Dec 2006

great job love the background

Ashley Simon 13 Dec 2006

Very nice!

Jerry 13 Dec 2006

Lovely or beautiful landscape, colors, figure and impression!

Leah Jaarveth 13 Dec 2006

excellent work :)

bianca 13 Dec 2006

beautiful work heather...

Emily Reed 13 Dec 2006

Just so heavenly and divine!

Lucia Stewart 13 Dec 2006

Excellent work Heather!!!