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Me and Amethyst

Midnight Dreamer Studio Here is a very special picture I wanted to share with all of my AW friends :) This was taken in a photo booth 5-1-06, a very special day! This was the day that we had our first mother-daughter day :) We spent it at the mall where Amethyst got her ears peirced, she hardly even cried....after her ears were peirced we went and got delicious cookies from the Bakery Shoppe (thats why she is making that face, she has a mouth full of cooky) and we walked around the mall and just had a bunch of fun....I will never forget that day :) The photo booth was the one where you sit in a little box, pull the curtain closed and take your own pictures and choose different effects:)

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indarto budi 13 Dec 2007

a nice image!

Angie Swihart 14 Nov 2007

She's so precious :) I'll bet she felt like a big girl getting her ears pierced. Quite the milestone for a little girl :)

Karen OBrien 22 Aug 2007

so adorable

Phil Armitage 23 Apr 2007

so cute, a nice image to start my day! :)

Troll 17 Apr 2007

very cool