Taima Cliffs

Fun little piece I did today. Took me about 4-5 hours in Photoshop and painter. I created the line art in painter then moved it to Photoshop sense painter wasn't cooperating. Overall I think I did a good job on her, I am probably going to use it as something to show off in my art class. I have been bad and not done all the assignments. This was done completely on the computer, namely because the scanner is still on strike. I hope everyone enjoys. I was going for a bit more realism with this one. :3


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2008


Mona van der Veen 24 Jun 2008


Keyon Jones 25 Mar 2008

awesome pic

Chico Decker 13 Dec 2006

nice. very nice

Jacki Dev 25 Nov 2006

great colors

Sarah Gates 20 Nov 2006

The coloring on this is very lovely. You have a really good sense of color.

Patrick Boyle 19 Nov 2006

love her leggings very cool design and the feathers are a nice touch.well done

Chris Williams 19 Nov 2006

beautiful natural movement