Copywrited. Pastel on Wallis Sand Paper


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John Cappello 27 Feb 2013

Very colorful and Great vividness Looks Great!

Christine brand 13 Jul 2007

beautiful display of the light and shapes of the glass

Cathy Savels 07 May 2007

These are excellent too! I started a painting of marbles where I used polystirene balls to make them appear like they were coming out of the canvas but I wasn't able to paint the marbles realistically enough. You've made me think about this painting again!

Chris Callahan 05 Nov 2006

Gorgeous pastel work on a difficult subject

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 05 Nov 2006

Awesome work, I like it.

Jeane Nevarez 05 Nov 2006

wow, great pastel work. They look so glowing transparent real like glass it's amazing.

Emily Reed 04 Nov 2006

Wonderful! So very wonderful!!!