Lost in the sea of life


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Peggy DANDRIDGE 06 Apr 2012

Pretty, pretty pretty. How do you do this? So amazing! Nice to be in touch again

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Nov 2006

wonderful composition , great imagination , it force you to think again about your private life , and to be aware of the suffering and the threats of other people .

cochelle wilson 01 Nov 2006

wow need i say more

Clare Rowley 30 Oct 2006

Interesting composition ... Wonderful reflection and compilation of items..

Jo Glasscock 29 Oct 2006

I love your work, the graphics are awesome and the thought process behind every one of them is phenominal...also your work always draws me in ...keep up the good work

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Oct 2006

Very well done!

Katerina Koukiotis 28 Oct 2006

hisham your work is always so creative and unique your digital skills are amazing

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Oct 2006

Correction! "...one needs a sense of hope even to the point of constructing whatever means it takes to continue with that sense of hope.." Not "one needs to for the sense of hope even to the point of constructing whatever means it takes to continue with that sense of hope"

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Oct 2006

Is hope a roll of the dice? My interpretation, one needs to for the sense of hope even to the point of constructing whatever means it takes to continue with that sense of hope. It's a roll of the dice as to how it will all play out in a global world. A place where the odds may seem to be against us, but we still have hope. Our conscience knows no other way. I could go on and on and still be way off base. But's that's the beauty of art . It's a two way street.:-) Jude PS Fabulous graphics!!

george martinez 27 Oct 2006

greate composition, very symbolism

Hazel Apricot Sama 27 Oct 2006

Hmmm... A lot of meanings within one image. Gives a very deep feeling. Good Work of Art indeed. Very good!

Tabitha Borges 27 Oct 2006

what stunning emotional work...

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Oct 2006

beautiful and moving work...really well done

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Oct 2006

Very complelling image...nice symbolism...great job

Analua 26 Oct 2006

Inteligent, surreal and really awsome composition!!! Gorgeous colors contrasts! Well done!

Matthew Steffen 26 Oct 2006

Great work

P. Merewether 26 Oct 2006

I love the surreal feeling - is that a spider - they freak me out - but I know in some cultures (Spanish?) they mean good things, I can understand the easel(expression),books(knowledge and opportunity to learn new things) and the boat to take life's journy in, is that a beaker the child is standing in? an experiment? wine glass with water? not sure - I can't tell what the little white mound is at the back- much to ponder here - nice work!

Gail Nordlof 26 Oct 2006

Hisham, one thing I always like about your work: the significant objects you place throughout the piece. In this one, it disappoints me that it is just too dark to see them all. It is striking work as always - especially the ocean in a glass.

B.A. Davison 26 Oct 2006

Strange and cool, great arting, colour gives a odd feel....I like it

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Oct 2006

composition is Excellent! I like the imagination put into it. Andrew Diaz.

Renata Cavanaugh 26 Oct 2006

Fantastic work Hisham

jO ANNA jARVIS 26 Oct 2006

This forces you to look....look again and think...Excellent!

thea walstra 26 Oct 2006

Outstanding and very interesting work Hisham

Charles Oliver 26 Oct 2006

Stimulates the imagination. Nice light, contrast and composition.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Oct 2006

At the first glance you see disproportional things lying astray, with a personification of the child in man standing within a cup. Then you notice shallow "sea" under the boat. Then you realize that there is water all over the place, drinking water in the cup, in the glass under the feet of the naked child, never to be able to drink out of it, although it seems to be at hand! The child must be a symol of a prisoner in "the sea of life", turning his back to whatever the lucky dice is pointing at. Or could it be symbolizing the the isolation, hunger and thirst of the Palestineans in their open-air prisons in Gaza and the West-Bank, while the whole world seems to be turning its back to their destiny in DICE-form? Dr. Edward Badeen