sean faris

media: charcoal, soft pastel and brush dimension: 28x40cm duration: more than 8 hours ohh... we recently had a tropical storm and uploading this took me a very hard time coz internet connections are fluctuating... electricity is down and not to mention all other hazards like travel... :lol: anyway, im here again... i think i have exaggerated his veins... anyway... it doesn't matter... he's an interruption of my proposed lady series... ill be busy reviewing for the board exam on may... but everytime i find time... ill make sure to upload new deviations...

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 18 Aug 2010

this is fucking AMAZING!!! looks exactly like the photo. u captured his hottness very well :)

Maureen Bloesch 05 Jul 2009

wonderful art!

Jean M. Laffitau 17 Feb 2007


Tami Dykes 02 Jan 2007

You are unbelievable and so talented. The shading and detail are really so good. Outstanding work!

chuck vest 22 Dec 2006

ditto to what Lauren said.....unbelievable art work Jovee