pink car

a small card about 13x17 cm media: ballpoint pens on paper. More ballpoint pen girls at


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Jerry 20 Oct 2006

I love the concept, picture, brilliant colors and mood! Fantastic picture Babis!

Carla Klosowski 05 Oct 2006

Very cool perspective and composition!! :)

Révész Éva Gabriella 05 Oct 2006

GREAT Babis very cool pictures!

stephanie atlee 01 Oct 2006

very cool pencil the perspective...well done

William Boyer 29 Sep 2006


artur 25 Sep 2006

great !

Olga van Dijk 25 Sep 2006

--This is a funny picture!! Great pen and ink by the way!@ Thanks for commenting on my watercolor Babis! Have a lovely day!--

Renata Cavanaugh 23 Sep 2006

Beautifully done Babis

Brigitte Hintner 23 Sep 2006

Hi Babis great Pen &Ink drawing the fresh lines and the idea to show the face through the mirror ....bravo !