These mini portraits have painted on ceramic tiles and bricks i find on seaside close to an old waste tile works fabric. its not one work but 11 separated small ones.


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Delia Pacheco 04 Jan 2009

this reminds me of the little rocks I paint! I see a small rock or pebble and paint on it...great images here...what size are they?

Artist Reply: about 10x10 cm ... thank toy so much Delia

Révész Éva Gabriella 05 Oct 2006

wawwwwwww VERY GREAT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

stephanie atlee 01 Oct 2006

Your minatures are are very good at this

William Boyer 29 Sep 2006

minitures are hard to do. great job

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 28 Sep 2006

Great work!!!

Carla Klosowski 21 Sep 2006

These are delightful Babis!

Analua 21 Sep 2006

Marvelous excelent work Babis!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 19 Sep 2006

What a cool idea....beautiful work Babis

Artist Reply: Thank you so much

thea walstra 18 Sep 2006

Awesome work

Artist Reply: Thank you so much

Jerry 18 Sep 2006

Most excellent portraits and minatures! I love the different faces and moods plus great skin tones..

Artist Reply: Jerry, thank you my friend

bianca 18 Sep 2006

its a beauty......awsome work Babis....

Artist Reply: Thank you

Emily Reed 18 Sep 2006

Wow, creative awesome work, Babis!

Artist Reply: Thank you dear Emily

Arlene Ehleben 18 Sep 2006


Artist Reply: Thank you!!!!

teresa greene 18 Sep 2006

Great job these are very nice

Artist Reply: Thank you teresa

cynthia berridge 18 Sep 2006

stunning art work,

Artist Reply: thanks Cynthia

debbie collier 18 Sep 2006

Wow these are great!! Beautifully done!!

Artist Reply: Thank you debbie!!