Gray girls

Black and colored pencils


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Brigitte Hintner 22 Nov 2006

I love these two portraits especially the beautiful coloured effects attracted my eyes !!! Great work !!! Bravo !!!

Jerry 20 Oct 2006

Brilliant portrait, style, variations, colors and format! Great pictures Babis!

Analua 21 Sep 2006


bianca 16 Sep 2006

babis awsome work...

Artist Reply: Thank you Bianca

mc williams 16 Sep 2006

wonderful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much

Révész Éva Gabriella 14 Sep 2006

very very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you!!

Brandi Wilson 14 Sep 2006


Artist Reply: thanks

K L Marsala 14 Sep 2006

incredible beauty, mix works so very well

Artist Reply: Thank you so much

ashok nayak 14 Sep 2006

Lovely color pencil work Babis!Congrats for this pics of the day placement.

Artist Reply: thank you

Krystyna Wedrowska 14 Sep 2006

Babis, all your art images are on my favorities list, realy. I just love Greece and all ancient soul and atmosphere of this country in you work. Beautiful execution with colour and lines, there are so GREEK!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comments. Im glad you like Greece. I hope to see you here some time.

Magda Elsehrawi 13 Sep 2006

very nice, interesting concept, to have part in gray and part in color.... very nice indeed! well done :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Magda.

Penny Myers 11 Sep 2006

Sensational work. Love the bright colors added to the graphite

Artist Reply: thank you for your comments

Carla Klosowski 11 Sep 2006

Just gorgeous!!!

Artist Reply: thank you Carla

Joanne Harvey 11 Sep 2006

Unique..and beautiful art work Babis! I like the combination of black and white and color! You are very skilled with both..which makes A lovely picture!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your comments Joanne.

Nira Dabush 11 Sep 2006

Beautiful combination...Absolutely superb pencil's work.

Renata Cavanaugh 11 Sep 2006

This is beautiful! I love the contrast between the grays and the vibrant colors.....It just makes the image striking. Beautifully done Babis

Artist Reply: Renata ... thanks for your nice comments..

Cristina Marsi 11 Sep 2006

Absolutely beautiful! the yellow turban is particularly brilliant :)

Artist Reply: Thanks Christina

Aqua1955 11 Sep 2006

great way of expressing with this unique style

Artist Reply: Thank you!!!

Emily Reed 11 Sep 2006

Spectacular artwork!! Great!

Artist Reply: Emily.... thank you

Olga van Dijk 11 Sep 2006

--What a unique style you have, Babis!--

Artist Reply: Thank you Olga :)

Faith Puleston 11 Sep 2006

Gorgeous work, Babis. Thanks for your comment, too. I'm so glad to get to know your portfolio!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much

Doris B. Lambling 11 Sep 2006

beautiful stunning drawing - excellent qualitiy!

Artist Reply: Thank you Doris