Rainbow Sunset

I created this sunset through use of multiple layers and digital painting. I think it came out pretty well - can't really tell it's not the real thing, can you???!!!!

Thank you everyone who commented on this painted sunset on August 30, 2006 and made it the Number 1 image in the Day All Galleries on August 31, 2006. Your support is greatly appreciated!

In the month of August, 2006, one of my images was Number 1 for the day 14 times!!!!!!!!


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Anne Snyder 12 Oct 2006

What a sunset! Just gorgeous! Anne Snyder

tazda lawson 10 Oct 2006

Stunning, Inspiring, Brilliant, and as always Lovely.

Frank Maguire 09 Sep 2006

Are you trying to blind us all or what? That's a real sunset Emily. Frank Maguire.

Carmen Labbé 06 Sep 2006

Another great one!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Sep 2006

outsanding work you are very talented i love it Em. Nancy O

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Sep 2006

Very romantic and astonishing beautiful!...I like this vivid colors..red,golden,grey-blue...dark waves..shadows and light ,great contrast cristina andrisan

Julie Fain 01 Sep 2006

Oh wow!! this is beautiful!!

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 01 Sep 2006

This is so beautiful, Emily!

Susan Chasteen 01 Sep 2006

Breathtaking Emily! This is absolutely one of my favorites!

Kelly Bartlett 31 Aug 2006

Very well done, Emily. Very realistic. :)

Carrie Ann Watson 31 Aug 2006

Awesome work, Emily! :) Excellent detail!

Paul Pannell 31 Aug 2006

WOW exquisite capture. Superb in detail & presentation. Fantstic colors and tonaly qualites. Gorgeous sunset, drawn by the Great Master Our Lord, the expression's and colors are very glorious and triumphant to His Awe and beauty only he can create. Excellent capture Emily. This should not be top 10 but BEST.

Jerry 31 Aug 2006

Superb capture Emily!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 30 Aug 2006

Great digital artwork!!! Gorgeous photo!!! Very excellent Digital application and technique,my Friend!!!:)

Barry Penchansky 30 Aug 2006


Gabriele Swanson 30 Aug 2006

Superb Emily. So real looking. Great work

Josué Sánchez 30 Aug 2006

Oh, it loock real! Great work!

Mayme Crouse 30 Aug 2006

you did an awesome job

Francis Rivera 30 Aug 2006

Wow! so very beautiful! ^_^

terry waites 30 Aug 2006

My favourite subject Emily, wonderful work

Stacy Taylor 30 Aug 2006

I can't tell the difference at all. It's beautiful; you did a wonderful job!

epsylon lyrae 30 Aug 2006

fantastic sunset...great colors:)

Patty Day 30 Aug 2006

Marvelous work, Emily!!!

Joke Schotting 30 Aug 2006

Wonderful shot!!!!!!!!!

Ilunia Felczer 30 Aug 2006

No I can't tell the difference, it looks fantastic...Great job Emily...

Cathie Brock 30 Aug 2006

Very nice work Emily...Cath xxx

Lucia Stewart 30 Aug 2006

Emily this is fabulous!!!!Great colours!

erika brodie 30 Aug 2006

I think it is so inviting and wonderful....great job.

thea walstra 30 Aug 2006

A gorgeous and outstanding sunset

gregg dutcher 30 Aug 2006

You and Nelly have the eyes foe sunsets!!!

Nikolay Pavlushko 30 Aug 2006

Wonderful work !

Mary Janosik 30 Aug 2006

Is to real....Amazing job, beautiful!!! :)

Reba McDonald 30 Aug 2006

Beautiful work Emily.

jane fabrycki 30 Aug 2006

Yep, looks like the real thing. Very nice.

Sorsha 30 Aug 2006

wow is right. this is amazing. Have you tried Terragen?

Katra O'Dell 30 Aug 2006

Oh what a gorgeous sky, love it!!

Cathy Holford 30 Aug 2006

WOW! Great capture!

Alex Perrone 30 Aug 2006

Perfect colors ... really nice this shoot

Terence Brockett 30 Aug 2006


Thomas Reed 30 Aug 2006


corry stuart 30 Aug 2006

it did come out beautifully Emily

José Fortunato 30 Aug 2006

Very beautiful work

Kevin Lambeth 30 Aug 2006

Reality is in the eyes of the beholder.This stunning work is as real as anything can be. Fantastic sunset.

Blue Doll 30 Aug 2006

this is REAL.... your a great artist Emily... the glow on the sun... the shadow on the earth... just perfect!!!!!!

Ginger Lovellette 30 Aug 2006

Yes, looks like the real thing! Wonderful work!

Tahnee Woolley 30 Aug 2006

no you certainly cant Emily..it looks so real! excellent art :)

francis kwok peng kin 30 Aug 2006

beautiful and very dramatic with you excellent display of colours.

Cynthia Adams 30 Aug 2006

Excellent work Emily.looks retty real to me.Well done.

Zoe Faragher 30 Aug 2006

WOW, WOW, WOW, Emily this is sensational

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 30 Aug 2006

warm and glowing beauty!!